esther mund

Hi, I'm Esther! A brand designer turned *personal* brand designer and strategist. Here's what happened:


My awkward,

(blushing emoji)


It started with the most hideous  Aleph-Bet poster for my son's room (think gradients, clip-art - all the yucky stuff at once). It was right after I quit a toxic job as a brand designer and with time on my hands, I decided to make one myself, one I'd like, and hey, would your kid like one too?


And in 2016, Alephant - an educational art print shop for your little ones was born.

But I made an awful mistake, one I only realized after I launched: I forgot about social media.

I forgot that every day I’d need to show up on social media and promote a brand that I strategized and designed, but a product I designed for an audience that I didn’t relate to. At all. 


So I became them.


I started talking like them, thinking like them, I even tried (but failed!) to read the books they were reading and then one gloomy morning I asked myself, who the heck am I? Where do I fit in? Is this my brand? 


I tried to hustle the thoughts away because it's so much easier to pretend and hide than admit and quit!

A year later I made the most painful decision - I closed Alephant.


I learned the (hard) truth: you can't hide behind your brand - you are your brand.





I suffer from mom guilt too

As I type, my baby boy is napping beside me, my second son's Lego creation just broke (I’m sorry!) and my 8-year-old and I are debating something “very important” while I’m working on a new colour scheme.

Warning: I keep it real

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I’m an “irrational” dreamer

In 2019, my family and I stuffed a U-Haul truck and drove from New York to Toronto. My husband had a dream and I wanted to help him follow it.

Everyone thought we were crazy (irrational, confused and maybe a little bit unstable) but we couldn’t be happier!


art prints


I can’t because I’ve failed before too! 


I won’t judge you

For two years, I chatted about kids' education, blogged about kids' books, designed kids craft projects - anything and everything to get people to buy my product. But it didn’t work.

If you’re sick of playing saleslady, chatting about stuff you care nothing about just to pay the bills, I get you! 

What's *personal*

branding anyways?