Ready to get the most outta your personal branding session?

I’ve developed a simple, 4-step framework to help us dive straight to the good stuff:



The awkward first date

We all know who we are and who we aren't, but figuring out what makes us "us" is the hard part.

In week one, you'll date yourself! Each day you'll receive 1 exercise aimed to help untangle you. It may feel awkward and confusing at first, but I can promise you, in the end, it will all make sense.

By the end of stage one, you'll have a better understanding of all the little things that make you uniquely you!




daily self-discovery exercises.


Getting to know you

Knowing what WE want to offer is often easy, understanding your people and what they are going through? Not so much.


Stage two focuses on market research, messaging, and everything in between so you can give your people the experience they deserve (and need). 

​By the end of this, you’ll understand your interests (the things that drive you), your audience's needs (the things that drive them) and where you'll meet.


three-hour brand strategy workshop.


research your people and market.


brand strategy: messaging, positioning, values...

( I turn your quirks into perks!)


Falling in love

(with your colour scheme)

I have one goal in mind, to translate everything I've learned about you, your businesses and your people and turn it into a fully customized design system.


In stage three, I research, brainstorm, design... and then research some more.


design research.


brand design.


marketing collaterals.


one-page website design.


Happily ever after

Start planning your launch party! At the end of stage four, you’ll receive everything you'll need for your big launch. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Over the next month, I’ll be at your side to guide and support you every step of the way. Feeling the goosebumps? I am. 


your final brand strategy.


your final brand design system.


your marketing collaterals with editable templates.


your one-page website design.


your launch and content plan.



(or four monthly payments of 975 USD)


What's brand strategy?

Your business is more than just a pretty money machine! You have personality, values, and a message you want to share. It's an experience, community, and it's more than that. That's strategy. Taking all the emotional aspects of your brand and turning it into a system of ideas you share with your customers through your content, design, and stories!

What are the benefits of personal branding?

There are so many. This one's my favourite: It's the fastest (and most affordable) way to build a business nowadays. All you need is a phone (some lip gloss) and a solid personal brand system in place, and your audience will adore you, trust you and literally want to buy anything from you.

Can we continue working together?

Yes, I'd love to continue the journey with you! If you'd like to continue working together monthly to update your design templates, work on your website, and monthly brand therapy sessions, let's chat! Note that you will receive a custom 12-month subscription package that's right for your business and lifestyle, because every business needs are so different.

What's a strategy workshop?

We kick it off with brand strategy exercises - self-discovery exercises but for your brand. Next, we dive deep into your audience, brand messaging, offer, and content. My BIG goal: gather all the information needed to further research, strategize, and design a personal brand system that works for you! Important: if you don't like getting uncomfortable, this isn't for you - we go deep!

Can we do design without a strategy?

No. Having a good understanding of your brand is the key to successful design - they depend on each other. Well, unless it's an arts and crafts project. If you already have a professional brand strategy in place, let's chat! 

Do I need a logo for my personal brand?

No! Most businesses living online don’t need a professional logo design. You DO need a personal brand system, so everything you share with the world effectively relays your brand message. If you have a product-based or IRL business, you can purchase a logo package separately for 3,000 USD. See my work.


Do it yourself.

Free personal branding ebook.

I created an actionable personal branding checklist (51 prompt questions included), so you can start building your personal brand!